3rd January 2012

Happy New Year to All webTriumph Clients

It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve your needs over the years. Through these challenging financial times, webTriumph has continued to be a transparent, value added company where clients receive cost effective, solutions-based services. In 2012, we will be continuing to expand our clientele in a controlled manner, ever mindful of the responsibility to nurture the support relationships that have formed over the years. It is with that in mind, that this newsletter has been sent to you.

Take a look below at where we are going with our services and solutions this year and make sure to let us know if you feel we are on the right track. Without your input, we are like a ship without a rudder. It doesn't matter how many wonderful things can be done if they don't align with our clients requirements.

"May this year bring exciting opportunities to celebrate and contribute to the formation of strong relationships based on integrity and service. And may webTriumph be your service organization of choice when faced with challenges along the way." ......Steve Barnes, Owner and Sr. Consultant, webTriumph.

webTune service:
Our goal for the webTune service is to become both a reactive and proactive "first choice" when experiencing lagging performance or malfunction of their servers, workstations, desktops, laptops or tablet computers. Many of our clients have come to webTriumph by referral from satisfied clients when they are having computer problems. The webTune service is a remote diagnosis and optimization process that can extend the useful lifetime of a computer by optimizing the configuration of the computer to the clients specific needs. In the interests of a "no surprises" commitment, this service is offered at a flat fee, regardless of the time required to complete the optimization. If problems are discovered during the webTune that prevent proper optimization of the computer, then the client is notified before any additional work is done. We stand behind our service with a full guarantee.

This year, in response to our clients' needs, we have added to our webTune line of services with "webTune eXpress": a lower cost, flat fee service for existing clients who would like to pro-actively have their computers tuned to keep them running in top shape instead of waiting until performance degradation cripples their computer, creating a crisis and potential data loss.

Network Configuration and Diagnostics
An increasing number of clients are requesting this service as new challenges meet webTriumph's three primary market segments: Home/Home Office, Small/Medium sized Businesses and Enterprise.

Home/Home Office: integration of mixed devices into a functional home network unlocks the potential of computers, media servers, televisions, printers, smart phones and a myriad of other wireless and wired enabled devices. In 2011 we helped clients connect remotely to their networks while traveling, share files and photos securely with family members, detect intrusion into the home and store and deliver rich media across their home networks. 2012 will be even more dynamic as PC/MAC/android mixed networks continue to require cross platform configuration to optimize their performance. We are excited to help unleash the potential of our clients existing systems and design systems/networks that meet their needs!

Small/Medium sized Businesses: An increasing number of clients are incurring high Total Cost of Ownership for their IT solutions by replicating existing network configurations as their needs grow, creating overly complex solutions with high service costs and vulnerable data stores. webTriumph evaluates the business processes and technologies currently in place and then can either optimize the existing technologies or recommend the appropriate network architecture to reduce the Total cost of ownership and mitigate risk through proper service planning and execution. Toward that end, webTriumph became a Dell business partner/reseller in 2011 to bring significant hardware/software discounts to the table as well as network design/implementation support contracts for deployments that require teams of implementers. Thinking about how to leverage the "cloud" or how to meet digital data security requirements? webTriumph is there to serve your needs and guide you to the best solution.

Also, many Small/Medium sized businesses do not have the internal IT support required to address development projects or advance diagnostics and troubleshooting. From Project Management to Remote Administration of the Network, webTriumph is there to meet your needs.

Enterprise level support: Enterprise level clients have called in webTriumph to assist in server troubleshooting and advanced deployment challenges as needed. In 2012, we are planning to market robotic solutions for manufacturing processes in conjunction with our business partners and Relational Database design and deployment for Business Analytics, Inventory Control, Revenue Forecasting and Manufacturing Run Log Data Collection and Analysis.

Web Presence Development/Webmaster Services
webTriumph currently functions as webmaster for clients from all key market segments. One corporate client, for example, contracted webTriumph to design, develop and deploy a website for one of their high tech manufacturing facilities including both english and chinese language versions of all pages. Translators in China were trained in the use of Adobe Contribute by webTriumph using Microsoft Live Meeting and all content merged and deployed by webTriumph. Contact webTriumph to discuss your needs or to leard more about leveraging the internet toward the sustained growth of your business and the role of the internet in maintaining dialog with your existing customers.

Procurement and Configuration

When it is time to purchase equipment and software, our clients have come to us for guidance and assistance in the design, specification, procurement and configuration of the most cost effective and technically effective solutions for their specific problems. For 2012, our goal is to streamline the process of replacing or purchasing equipment by understanding the needs of our clients and staying on top of, not only the latest developments in technology, but also of the direction technology is moving toward and the next generation of software and hardware coming up in the near future. In fact, we commit a minimum of 25% of our available resources to enhancing the knowledgebase from which we draw on to provide guidance,training and solutions for our clients. For our IT solutions to be effective, we believe strongly that webTriumph must thouroughly test hardware and software in order to maximize our effectivity and for that reason, we are constantly configuring and reconfiguring our "sandbox" network with the latest in hardware and software. This allows us to diagnose complex or unusual problems "offline" by testing solutions in our "sandbox" in order to minimize disruption to our clients networks/computers. With solution in hand, we can quickly resolve issues where others may take entire networks down during diagnosis and repair for long periods of time.

With deep appreciation and gratitude:

"You, our valued client, are the heart and soul of our business. The majority of webTriumph business comes from clients witnessing to others as to the quality and integrity of the services provided. At webTriumph, we consider your satisfaction as the only acceptable outcome. It is from that primary goal that our existance is justified. I look forward to the excitement and satisfaction of providing services and solutions that meet your needs, now, and into the future."........Steve Barnes, Owner and Sr. Consultant, webTriumph.

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